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        A little story about me

        I hate writing about myself, and I’d instead write “if you want to get to know me, let’s grab a coffee and talk, and you’ll find out all about my background, my personality and who I am in general.” But that doesn’t work for everyone, so I’ll do my best to put it in writing. Here we go.

        I was born in Germany, but at the age of 18, I moved to Manitoba. After finishing Highschool, I went to Prairie View School of Photography in Winnipeg and got my Diploma in Photography in 2009. Since then I photographed Weddings in Winnipeg, Winkler and Steinbach Area.

        I’m married to the love of my life, and we have three beautiful daughters. I don’t remember exactly how I fell in love with photography; I guess it was just piece by piece. It is fascinating how a photo can capture your attention. You look at one photo, and many thoughts can run through your mind even you don’t know the people or don’t know the location. Same way you look at a photo from your past, and it brings up the feelings from that time. You can start telling stories from one single photo.
        When I grew up, there was no such thing as Digital cameras. My parents took a lot of photos, and they had to get the film developed and get some prints. Oh, I remember how we were always tempted to open up the lid where the film was to see how it works, and of course, we did. Got many times in trouble for that. We grabbed the albums which were packed with 4×6 prints and looked over and over at them. Mom told us the stories of every single print and many times it happened to us that we talked about something and one of my siblings or I said, yes I remember that, or I was there. Funny thing Mom or Dad corrected us and said no, you were not there or, there is no way you remember that. Those photos and stories came alive that sometimes we could not distinguish between a real memory or a story from Mom while looking at the photo.
        I want to pass that to my clients when they get married. Something that they can have and cherish for the rest of their life. It breaks my heart when a couple phones me up and asks if they can book an after-session. (That’s were getting dressed again, and we take some wedding photos even their wedding was weeks or month ago) What happened? The Photographer screwed up. It is very sad because they can not go back in time and hire another photographer. Every single time when they will talk about their wedding photos, it will come up that the photographer screwed up but then they had an after a session with Thomas, and now they have beautiful photos and happy to share and put them up in their home. My point is if you have a $500 or $50000 photographer for your wedding be sure you won’t regret it.
        I’m very passionate about people and hope everyone makes decisions which they won’t regret.

        My photography has given many couples in the Winnipeg area images to help them treasure their wedding day forever — and I look forward to doing the same for you.