A little story about me

I hate writing about myself and I’d really rather just write “if you want to get to know me let’s grab coffee and talk and you’ll find out all about my background, my personality and who i am in general” but that doesn’t work for everyone so I’ll do my best to put it in writing. Here we go. ..

I was born in Germany, but at the age of 18 I moved to Manitoba. I fell in love with Canada and love traveling throughout the provinces — and outside the country as well.
I’m married to the love of my life and we have two beautiful daughters.
I became a photographer because I am all about people. I enjoy getting to know my customers so that I can infuse their images with their personality.
Some of my favorite moments from my own life have been those occasions that last in the memory for a lifetime: family weddings, birthday parties and holiday gatherings. However, as long as those memories last in my mind, it’s even more rewarding to look back through photo albums to relive those special times.
That’s why I decided to become a wedding photographer. I felt a real desire to help my client capture the magical moments from the day when they committed the rest of their lives to one another.
Today, I help clients in the cities of Winnipeg, Steinbach and Winkler. I offer packages that cover everything from the initial engagement pictures to a variety of shots of the happy couple before the big day. Then, on the day itself, we get all of the traditional shots — the wedding party, the couple, and all of those “before” and “after” shots before moving onto the reception.
Some wedding photographers have a set way that they like to operate. They have some favorite places they like to shoot, and they have a predetermined schedule that they rush the couple and wedding party through.
I believe that a wedding photographer’s job is to document some of the happiest moments of a couple’s life. As my clients, you get to decide the kind of shots that we do, and you get to set the schedule when it comes to which shots we take at what time. I’ll make some suggestions, but this is all about you putting your memories against the backdrop that you find most creative — and most compelling.
With each of my clients, I do an individual consultation before we even start taking pictures. Then I tailor a proposal to your specifications — both in terms of the number of shoots and the budget. After the big day, I provide you with samples of all of the shots that I took, and you order the ones that you want. My photography has given many couples in the Winnipeg area images to help them treasure their wedding day forever — and I look forward to doing the same for you.

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