Dr. Philipp Unruh is my Dentist, and I needed some fillings, so one day I’m sitting in the chair, mouth wide open and can only listen what he and his assistant are talking about, and even I try to say something they hear only, aghwa whak dkolk kvhjsop. Why even trying to talk  if you […]

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I had a beautiful engagement session with Alexandra and Daniel somewhere in Manitoba. You want to know where exactly? They told me that they want a more natural background with hills and forest. So we went to the Pembina Valley Provincial Park, and the landscape was just beautiful. We hiked about 3 miles, and it […]

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  This engagement session I had in Winnipeg with Tabea and Matthias was lots of fun.It was in March and I wanted to postpone it at first because I just thought it would be way too cold,and everyone knows if its cold you don’t want to be outside and if you have to go out, you […]

Proposing in the sunset in winnipeg
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