Wedding – Leo Mol Sculpture Garden in Assiniboine Park, Winnipeg

Bride and Bridesmaid posing at Leo mol sculpture Garden

Why is Leo Mol Sculpture Garden in Assiniboine Park the Best Place for your Ceremony?


Are you an engaged couple looking to have a wedding soon? Then you are probably aware that weddings take a lot of effort and planning. In particular, finding the right venue is one of the most important decisions you will have to make. If you are like most couples, you want a place that looks good in photos. As well makes you feel your best on this important day of your life. With this in mind,  the Leo Mol Sculpture Garden is the perfect place in Winnipeg.

Bride is getting ready for the Ceremony at Leo mol garden

Why Leo Mol Sculpture Garden?

 The venue is full of vibrant natural beauty. Many great works of art make the site even more unique for wedding events. The Park is a favorite spot for the couple that wants the best wedding photography experience.

To be more specific, this venue has beautiful lush green grass. Carefully manicured is the Garden for ultimate aesthetic beauty and thousands of blooming flowers. And there are also several great oak trees that add a lot of character to it. All these elements help make Assiniboine Park one of the most beautiful Ceremony locations in Winnipeg.

Bride is walking down at assiniboine park

What’s Included?

Premium wedding services are available at the Leo Mol Sculpture Garden. You will have access to white folding chairs, power and sound equipment. A table with a white cloth where you and your spouse can sign your marriage license. A sign saying “Wedding in Progress” to ensure not to disturb.
When you book your wedding to take place in that Garden, you will also get extra time. Like for setting up, the arrival of the guests, the actual ceremony, and for a photography session. Leo Mol Sculpture Garden can accommodate both small and large wedding parties. An experienced staff is available to help out with the wedding ceremony and the guests.
The wedding commissioner at that wedding was Colleen Olafson. She did such a wonderful Job.
 Ceremony at Leo Mol Sculpture Garden

The Photography Session

 The wedding photography experience is also stunning because the settings around the garden have plenty to offer. The Leo Mol Sculpture Garden has a rich and unique mix of natural beauty and art. The garden has a lot to offer, which is why many beautiful weddings take place at the venue.
The artworks on the garden are the efforts of Dr. Leo Mol. A great sculptor whose bronze masterpieces attract many people to the garden all year round. Leo Mol was a Ukrainian-Canadian artist and focused on stained glass. He is responsible for over 80 stained-glass windows in churches all around Winnipeg. In the Leo Mol Sculpture Garden, over three hundred of his artworks are on display.
Some famous sculptures include The Lumberjacks, Family Group, Europa, Bear Cubs, Deer, and several others. Dr. Leo Mol was born in 1925 in Ukraine. In 1949 he emigrates to Winnipeg, where he would live a life devoted to his passion for art. In the end, he gave up his life’s work to the community. Winnipeg had been such a great home for him after he had to leave his homeland. Some of the sculptures in the garden have some romantic themes. Some couples might like to have in their wedding photos.
The artworks blend beautifully with the natural beauty within the garden. This fantastic combination of artistic and natural beauty sets the perfect scene. Perfect for a wonderful wedding ceremony and unforgettable and beautiful photography experiences. The garden is always well manicured, and well take care of.
Throughout the garden, there are many opportunities for great photos. Couples do not need to book an additional place to get wonderful scenes. It is all there after having their ceremony at the garden. Whenever you look throughout the garden, there are great scenes for beautiful wedding photos. That will make the day truly unforgettable.
Typically, wedding ceremonies inclusive of a photo session take 2 hours. However, the beautiful artistic delights of this garden are enough to keep you and your significant other occupied for an entire day.
The magnificence of the Leo Mol Sculpture Garden is the reason many event organizers seek an opportunity to use this beautiful venue. The beauty of this garden is breathtaking, and the artistic significance it offers makes it the ideal setting for wedding photos. Some of the works in the garden are world famous. They are also pretty beautiful, and perfect for any couple that wants its wedding photos to have some style and artistic significance.

Wedding group photos at Leo Mol garden in assiniboine Park

To Sum Up

So, if you are thinking of a great venue to have your wedding, and after that, a great photo session. Then the Leo Mol Sculpture Garden is a fantastic choice. Filled with a lot of natural beauty is the garden. Spread out are the artistic masterworks throughout the garden make this an especially exciting place to have your wedding photography session.
Weddings are very special occasions, and nothing should be left to chance. That is why a great venue choice should be such an essential aspect of the whole affair. Not only to ensure the event is as beautiful as it can be. But also because getting beautiful wedding photos is something every couple looks forward. As a way to remember it for the rest of its life.
If the couple wants a tremendous idyllic setting to hold their wedding ceremony. Plus enjoy a rewarding photography session afterward. The Leo Mol Sculpture Garden is arguably one of the best ceremony choices couples can make. The innocent natural beauty and brilliant works of art should give your wedding photos a lot of style and elegance. Even a greater delight for you and the love of your life.
Wedding group photos at Leo Mol garden in Assiniboine Park
If you are looking for a photographer for your wedding ceremony at Leo Mol Sculpture Garden, I would love to talk. Fill out the contact form and we go from there.

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