What to Discuss with Your Wedding Photographer

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Planning your wedding is a large but exciting undertaking. There are so many details to consider: the invite list, the location, the food, and of course, the dress. Add photography to that list and things can get chaotic. Your wedding photographer is there to help ease some of that stress. They can figure out the photographic elements of your wedding so that you can focus on other things. Communicating a clear vision to your wedding photographer is the best way to help them create a plan to best capture your special day. Here are some things that you and your wedding photographer should discuss in preparation for the big day.

Location and Time

The photographer should know where the wedding is taking place. Photographing an indoor wedding requires particular lighting equipment, whereas outdoor wedding photography can make use of natural light. It’s also important for your wedding photographer to have an idea of when the different parts of your wedding are taking place. If the ceremony is in the day but the reception is after sundown, your photographer will have to be able to manage that shift in light. Communicating these practical matters will give your wedding photographer an idea of how to best capture your wedding.

Visual Theme

If your wedding has a particular theme or colour pallet, let your wedding photographer know. Maybe your wedding features a certain flower arrangement, or a particular type of cultural dress. If a wedding photographer knows this information, they’ll be able to highlight these special elements in their photography. Don’t let those important visual decisions go to waste! Your wedding photographer can make sure that the artistry of your wedding is captured forever.


It’s important to talk to your wedding photographer about what kind of mood you want to create at your wedding. Maybe you want a big, boisterous celebration, or maybe you want something a little more intimate. Whatever atmosphere you’re trying to create, your wedding photographer will reflect that in your photos. Filters, lenses and other equipment can help capture the feeling of your wedding, so don’t be afraid to give you wedding photographer some directions about the kind of mood you want to create.

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. It’s important to have good documentation of this momentous occasion. Consult your wedding photographer about the practical and visual needs of your wedding so that they’ll be able to capture your special day as beautifully as possible. If you need a professional and accommodating photographer for your special day, Now and For Always Photography has you covered.


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