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Your wedding is a dream. You have fantasized about this day ever since you can remember. For that reason, you need it to be documented in a way that will showcase your vision. You want the work to capture the beautiful magic for years to come. Your wedding photographer is a vital part of this. These are some of the key things you should look for in a wedding photographer.

Choosing your wedding photographer is a huge part of your wedding. If you’re worried about what to look for in a wedding photographer, this list is here to help you! Keep in mind, every decision you make while preparing for your wedding day is important. Every color you pick, every flower you choose, every guest you invite… All of this should be captured and eternalized by your photographer. Here are a few things you might want to keep in mind when picking the right photographer for your big day.



Before you even check for a price list, I encourage you to go over every potential photographer’s portfolio. You want to look for the following two things: has the photographer shot weddings before? If so, how many have they shot? This will let you know whether your photographer has previous experience. Believe me, just because your distant family member is a fantastic sports photographer, does not mean that they are equipped to shoot a wedding. It’s like they say, you don’t go to a steakhouse to have chicken! The same applies here; you don’t ask a nature photographer to shoot your wedding.

Do you like the photographers’ style? I personally think this is very important. You either love it or leave it! Don’t hire just any random photographer thinking, “Oh, I will just show him my favorite pictures off Pinterest and have him copy those pictures.” NO! DO NOT do that! You have to love your photographers’ style! Not just the way they take the pictures, but also how they edit them. If you are not 100% convinced and in love with their work, don’t even bother contacting them. If you don’t like my style, that’s understandable. Not everything is for everyone. I personally will try and help to find someone who shoots your style.



After you find a photographer whose work you are totally in love with, it is time to take the next step: initiate contact! During that first phone call or email, see if the photographer is willing to meet you two in person. I, myself like to either go for coffee with my potential clients in Winnipeg, Steinbach or Winkler.

Why? It’s simple, do you really want a stranger shooting the most important day of your life? I personally don’t like shooting people I don’t know. I prefer to know who my clients are and find a way to connect with them. It will enable to tell their story better.

I’ve heard horror stories of friends who like their wedding pictures, but looking at them always reminds them of how rude, or short-tempered, or impatient their photographer was throughout the entire day.



The way I see it, I don’t just want to be your photographer. I want to be your friend who happens to be shooting your wedding day for you. A friend will always look out for you, make sure to capture your best side, calm your nerves when your emotions run high, and make sure you are their number one priority throughout the day. Be honest with yourself. Would you really want to take advice from someone you don’t get along with? No, I don’t think so. The advice of a friend is always welcomed!

For that reason, I like to spend as much time as possible getting to know my clients before their big day. If I feel that we aren’t “clicking”, I prefer to recommend one of my colleagues who I know would do a better job of capturing your magical day. (As long as you can find a way to connect, of course.)

Keep in mind: I can always book another wedding on your day, but you only have one chance to get the photographer right.



Last but not least, of course, you will have to go look at that price list eventually. Once you’ve found an experienced photographer whose work you love and whom you get along with great, that’s when you think about the money part. In my opinion, the first two points have zero wiggle room. You really should not compromise on either of them. When it comes to money, I believe that you have to be a bit flexible.

Imagine this, you found the most creative photographer whose work speaks to you and whose personality shines brighter than the stars. The only catch is they are $900 over your budget. What are your options? You can either go ahead and find someone whose work you aren’t in love with, someone who you have zero chemistry with. Or, you can pick up a couple of extra shifts at work and make your dreams come true!

I think I have done a good job at putting together some collections for almost every budget situation. Besides that, I can promise that I will help you get the most “bang for your buck”! It is in my interest to put together a collection that is personalized to you, and which is the most valuable yet, that still fits into your budget.

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