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        Unlike engagement photos, wedding photos involved more than just you and your partner. A professional wedding photographer will want to capture your parents, your new step-parents, your siblings and any other close relatives. You and your partner may be comfortable in front of the camera but your family may feel shy or uncomfortable at first. Here are some tips to help your family feel at ease during their wedding photo sessions.

        Find the Right Outfit

        The main reason why people feel awkward while having their picture taken is their outfit is uncomfortable. Making sure everyone in your family feels comfortable in what they’re wedding outfits will go a long way to helping them feel more natural in front of the camera. Ensure that elderly parents or grandparents are wearing seasonally-appropriate clothes so they don’t overheat or get frostbite during outdoor photography sessions. If your family is relaxed and happy in their clothes, your wedding photos will reflect that celebratory energy.

        Take a Few Test Shots

        If you have a family member who’s feeling particularly anxious about having their picture taken on your big day, take a couple of practice shots of them to calm their nerves. This will give them an opportunity to try out a few different poses and see how they photograph in their outfit. Use a digital or phone camera for immediate results. Having a practice photoshoot is also a great way to have some quality time with your family before the wedding, and a great way to relax your own pre-wedding jitters.

        Keep It Short and Sweet

        Some couples like to take a lot of family shots. Long photography sessions can be draining for your family. Family wedding photography should be an enjoyable experience. If you notice the energy starting to drop, put a cap on the number of staged photographs. You can always resume the photoshoot later, and a good professional photographer will be able to capture some great candid shots of your family.

        A wedding is a great way to share the love between you and your partner with your whole family. Get the most out of your wedding photos by making sure your family feels as comfortable as possible. For high-quality and personalized wedding photography, contact me at Now and For Always Photography.




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