Best Wedding & Engagement Photographer in Winnipeg

Your big day is just a red-letter stop along the way. A stop where you celebrate your love with loved ones, seal it with a kiss at the altar. Cut a gorgeous cake, have all your friends and family come together. And pose for the camera in your once-in-a-lifetime in gorgeous outfits. Sometimes you don’t pose for the camera. At such moments the simple, honest expressions of your love shine through. The candid shots of moments between the two of you perfectly tell the story of your love. They should go into the wedding album as precious memories.

Simply posing for pictures doesn’t do for such a special day.

Simple snapshots won’t do for such a special day. You don’t want just photos, you want more, and you need more.
You want your wedding pictures to tell two stories about the big day. Both of them real and true. The celebration with everyone else and the private moments of love and joy shared between bride and groom. That is where I come in. Thomas Iwanow, your friendly and passionate photographer with an eye for detail and the romantic in equal measure. A joyful tilt of the head, a tender caress, a shy glance, a smile shared over the heads of the wedding party. These subtle yet significant moments will be captured forever in vivid detail for you to treasure in your wedding photo album.
Whether yours is a simple indoor wedding in a charming church or a romantic event in the Winnipeg outdoors, under a dazzling skyline, you also want the ambiance perfectly captured on camera. Or maybe you want an intimate wedding at a steakhouse covered in all its fun, rustic and refreshingly different setting. I have you covered.

Your wedding photos should reflect who you are as a couple.

At Now and for Always Photography, I am always looking for moments of meaning and beauty. I capture the little honest interactions between the bride and groom. Between you family and other guests – such as the fun moments when you pose with your friends and family. I can promise that your bridesmaids will have nothing to complain about the Photos. Nor will your parents and in-laws!
It is YOUR day, but you can’t be everywhere to interact with everyone at once. You may miss moments or laughter or tenderness with guests. I will capture the laughter, the jokes, the teasing, the heartfelt emotion (and the kids that often get ignored!). So that you can all talk about the day for hours with the photos before you.
With years of experience in the field, I know how to go about creating a five-star wedding album for you. It starts from the moment we meet for your consultation. I pay attention and ask questions to learn about your likes and dislikes, your style, your love story. The more I get to know you, the easier it becomes to capture the story of the big day in all its honesty and charm.
That is me on my first day of School. Back then I had no idea what I would be one day. But with time everyone finds his path and knows what he is good at.
I love to photograph.
Are you getting married and want beautiful photos from your wedding day?
I can definitely help you with that and I would love to do that.