Philipp proposes to Melissa

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Dr. Philipp Unruh is my Dentist, and I needed some fillings, so one day I’m sitting in the chair, mouth wide open and can only listen what he and his assistant are talking about, and even I try to say something they hear only, aghwa whak dkolk kvhjsop. Why even trying to talk  if you have couple hands in your mouth plus all the tools they need and on top of it, they just put some more tools in your mouth just in case they will need it. Of course, I’m exaggerating, he and his assistant did a great job. Anyways, every time I agree on something I just raise my hand and give a thumbs up. Facebook in real life. And they were talking about weddings and engagements and I couldn’t engage in the conversation except with my thumb. After they finished their work and I could finally talk again, I gave them my business card and told them, I’m a photographer and would love shoot people. If they know anyone who needs to be shot they should give me a call. Of course, I didn’t say it exactly the way I wrote it, but you get the idea.

Couple weeks later I was at the dentist to pick up some prescription and Philipp takes me to the side and asks me, did you shoot some engagements? Of course, I have no idea how many engagement session I did already, I answered. He looked and said quietly, no no I want to propose and I want you to be somewhere in the bushes and take photos!! My eyes lit up and I said, I never did something like that but I would love to do it. When is the Date and where are you planning to do it? He told me that he planned something and he will back to me and show me the place next time.


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That was very thoughtful and so sweet of him to “propose” to her daughter too. Philipp you rock!!

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I prepared a video/slideshow to present it to them and what you will see in the video that’s their reaction, seeing the photos for the first time. I don’t think that Philipp expected to be kissed so much and I doubt that Melissa knew she would loose some tears….

If you don’t want to watch the whole clip just jump to minute 3 and watch it for a minute. Worth watching it.

I’m planning to do more recordings of the premier session, just to share the beautiful moments that we have. My clients, they don’t just get the photos. My clients are not just clients. My clients become my new friends, who get the photos and the experience. If you want the same, give me a call today.




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