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        What are the advantages of hiring a professional photographer?
        Can you give us a better price?
        How far in advance should we book you for our wedding?
        What are the costs of the various levels of coverage?
        What is required to book my session?
        Can we have more than one location for our photos?
        A professional photographer is experienced in capturing beautiful images despite the often stressful conditions that a wedding can present. They are proficient at organizing group shots, creative when looking for suitable locations in bad weather conditions and technically experienced to take the very best images they can on your day. They are also aware of all the little details the bride and groom may want to be recorded. The equipment they use is specifically designed to capture perfect images in low light conditions, for example in ceremonies when flash is often prohibited. Also, a professional photographer will carry a full set of back up equipment in case of any problems on the day. Weddings often take years to plan and cost thousands of pounds. After the event, the only things which remain are your images, so it is worth making sure they are the best they can be and tells your story of your life.