A Guide to Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

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Your wedding party is your main support system. From the time of your engagement, all the way up to the big day- they’re there. Your bridesmaids and groomsmen are likely some of your closest friends and family. How can you make these special people look and feel as beautiful as possible on your wedding day? Here are some tips and tricks for helping your bridesmaids and groomsmen prepare for your wedding.

Choose Outfits Carefully

Finding the right dress or tux for the bride and groom can be hard enough. However, finding the right outfits for everyone is another challenge altogether. There may be different body types and personal preferences amongst your wedding party. At the end of the day, you will have to step in to make the final call. You want to ensure that your wedding party looks like a cohesive ensemble!

The most important thing to consider when choosing outfits is to make sure that everyone looks and feels their best. If anyone in your wedding party is unhappy or uncomfortable with what they’re wearing, their lack of confidence will show in your wedding photos. It’s best to choose dresses and tuxes for your wedding party that are versatile enough to look flattering on many different types of people. Discuss outfit options with your wedding party in order to come to a sound consensus!

Arrange Dates

Sometimes bridesmaids and groomsmen are meeting for the first time. A way to ensure a good connection in wedding photos is to arrange dates for your wedding party to meet and bond in advance. This could increase the connection in your photos so there will be nothing in the way of the beautiful photographs to come.

Your wedding party plays a key role in the organization and execution of your big day, so it’s important that they feel as comfortable and confident as possible at your wedding. To help your bridesmaids and groomsmen shine, contact me at Now and For Always Photography for unforgettable wedding photos.

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